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Old Mill Farm 200 m2 built 5.2 Hectares of Land

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Old Oil Mill of 200 m2 built on 2 floors, to reform, it preserves on the lower floor, the press, the grinding stone, utensils, ironwork, even an old oven to make bread and a built-in water tank. The surface of the land is 52,000 m2 and is divided into 2 parts: 1. North area above the road with an area of ​​41,000 square meters where oil olive trees predominate with 400 specimens and cork oaks with a cork production every nine years. of approximately 30 quintals. 2. Southern irrigated area below the road of 11,000 square meters with a plantation of approximately 70 avocados and about 50 orange trees, alternating in the surroundings of the Molino house with a dry area dedicated to table olives, olive oil, plum trees , almond and fig trees.. The farm’s water supply comes from 3 points: 1. Underground spring that goes outside next to the stream 2. 5-meter deep well also next to the course of the stream 3. Drilling well of 90 meters deep and that supplies the Molino house through a polyester water tank. For the irrigated area, the farm has a pool for irrigation with a capacity of 24 m/3 and all the equipment and installations of pipes, micro-sprinklers, submersible pumps to supply water to fruit trees. The farm also has a 220-volt and 380-volt electrical power supply that reaches the farm in a private low-voltage line about 400 meters long. Good views, easy access 2 km from the town. Malaga International Airport 115 km.

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